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Customer feedback on their new Geffen built home

… Someone was always available both via email and on site to answer any questions we had regarding the property, also to offer advice on decisions we had made, or solutions to any problems. 

… We chose the property because of the overall high standard and the excellent service provided, which was far superior to anything we had seen previously. Being able to choose where we wanted plug sockets and TV aerials etc. saved us a lot of work. 

… Another factor was that the dimensions on all of the rooms was very generous, which these days is unusual in a new build. We have found that the quality and the finish of the build is very good and any small snags that have arisen have been dealt with quickly by the site manager and his team.

… We moved into our current home about a year ago so has had time to appreciate the house. Our new house was built by Geffen Construction a builder we were not familiar with however after looking at the house specification, size and after a few site visits we decided to buy the house. We are glad that we did as we are very pleased with our new home as it is bigger than other comparable houses new or old on the market, it is very warm house with no drafts at all and the build quality is excellent. Also is pleasing to hear carpet fitters, boiler service and bedroom fitters all freely comment positively on the quality and the size of the house

… Ian and the site chaps are all approachable, friendly and are willing to help with advice and any remedial/ additional work on the house. We have owned several new build houses all constructed by national builders hence have a good knowledge of what is good or bad and in this case our Geffen built house is better than anything produced by the national builders. We would definitely recommend a Geffen build house.

… would like you to know that we are delighted with our new Eskdale house. After almost six months we have found nothing that has disappointed us and we have had no faults normally found in "new builds".

… We chose this particular house because of it's - lovely double frontage - extremely generous room sizes - great value for money - seaside/village location and we absolutely love it!

… Space. We searched for a new house for four years without success as most new properties have quite small rooms. The amount of space we have here, especially in the bedrooms, is amazing and impresses all our family and friends!

… Site services. Your personnel on site have been wonderful to deal with; however, as we have had no problems, our contact has been social and minimal! Other contractors ( fencing, electrical, comms, turf, plumbing) have been a real pleasure to deal with and again, their work has been first class

… Thrilled with the house purchased from Geffen Construction. The quality of the build is superb, love the large bedrooms and walk in wardrobe. The large kitchen is fabulous and where we spend our time.

… The staff were very helpful from day one and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend any houses built by Geffen construction.

... Great!